Enterprise-Grade Backup Monitoring Software

  • Automate backup monitoring with a single centralized dashboard that consolidates cloud and on-prem performance metrics.
  • Monitor key assets—AWS, Azure, VMs, CMDB, and more—and proactively remediate issues.
  • Automate ticket creation and monitoring, streamlining operations and decreasing failure resolution cycle times.
  • Streamline compliance reporting and avoid costly penalties.

Bring Order to Your Complex Backup Environment

Automated Backup Monitoring Software

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Transform Backup Operations Management With Bocada

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Centralize Oversight

Enjoy one dashboard to record  backup successes and failures, and know when critical backups need support.


Automate Reporting

Unify cloud, and on-prem backup reporting via a single-pane tool. No more jumping  platforms for a clean picture of backup health.

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Simplify Audits

Stay ahead of regulations and SLA tracking with automated reporting of your entire environment. Remove the need for last-minute scrambles.


Monitor Storage

Monitor storage usage and trends across cloud and enterprise storage devices. Optimize usage and never spend more than you need.


Streamline Ticketing

Automate ticket creation and monitoring. Remove manual interventions and remediate backup failures faster.


Protect Key Assets

Plug into key resource databases—VMs, AWS, Azure, CMDBs—and easily identify unprotected assets.

Less work, more peace of mind

Global enterprises can save 6+ hours per day by automating backup monitoring, alerting, and reporting, granting peace of mind and enabling data resiliency.


The Best Global Enterprises Rely on Bocada

ibm BW 215 X 150
DXC BW 215 X 150 (1)
MD BW 215 X 150
CB BW 215 X 150
atos BW 215 X 150
disney BW 215 X 150
Axtel 215 X 150
dd 215 X 150
GM 215 X 150
datacom 215 X 150
TF 215 X 150
LC 215 X 150

Integrations Across Cloud & On-Prem Backup

AWS 215 X 100
Azure 215 X 100
Veeam (1)
Commvault 215 X 100
Data Protector 215 X 100
Spectrum Pr Plus 215 X 100
rubrik 215 X 100
Cohesity 215 X 100
avamar 215 X 100
RMAN 215 X 100 (1)
Data Domain 215 X 100
Livevault 215 X 100
SQL 215 X 100
N2WS 215 X 100
Networker 215 X 100
Netapp 215 X 100
vmware 215 X 100
BU Exec 215 X 100 (1)
netbackup 215 X 100
storeonce 215 X 100
vranger 215 X 100
arcserve 215 X 100
Spectrum Protect 215 X 100

Bring Order to Your Backup Environment in Minutes

"What used to take me hours now takes me ten minutes...and I have a centralized solution that covers all of my backups."

-Infrastructure Consultant, European MSP

"We have 4,000 servers globally that we have to provide SLA reporting on. Before Bocada, I'd spend 4-5 hours per month on reporting. Now, I spend maybe 20 minutes."

-Backup Manager, Fortune 500 Company

"Bocada's extensive flexibility lets us create mission critical application monitoring ands allows us to consistently meet our recoverability goals."

-Backup Manager, Government Agency


Reduce backup failures by 72%

With our backup monitoring software putting all your data in one place, you can identify problems before they cause crises—and reduce monitoring and reporting time. 

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